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Sharon asks…

Since im still in High school, How should i prepare myself to become a Nutritionist?

Hi im 17 years old and i want to be a nutritionist. The classes that i take in high school is family and consumer science. It involves cooking, which is what i like to do. I also want to be involved in business, but i dont know if it will be difficult in life to be successful in business. should business be the career of my life. What i always like to do is sometimes lead my friends on what i like doing. What kind of things i should be involved in outside of school that involve my careers? Any volunteering? Is being a nutritionist a good job with a good amount of the salary? Do you think New York has all the opportunity with the career in nutritionist?i need help!! Am i going the a right path???

admin answers:

As noted take not only cooking classes, but also chemistry, psychology, biology and microbiology. Yes, volunteering would help–maybe at a hospital or senior center. Nutritionists make a good salary and the need should be increasing, especially in gerontology (the care of old people).

Linda asks…

What should I become?

I’m a freshman in college and I’ve kinda decided on a couple areas for my future job.
1. Nutritionist
2. Physical Therapist
3. Pediatric Practitioner Nurse

I’m interested into the health field because I know that’s where the jobs are gonna be and I’m fine with going into it. Amount of schooling is kinda a factor to me.. I don’t mind going a lil beyond the 4 years but I don’t wanna be finished with school at 30. What jobs salary would be the best and best career to pursue? THANKS!

admin answers:

First off, I personally think that being a pediatric nurse practitioner will be the most rewarding job. It will also be the most emotionally draining, because you will see very sick children. A nutritionist is a great job, especially if you have a real interest in diet related health. A physical therapist is a great hands-on job. You will see all sorts of people, depending where you work. If you work somewhere where I live, for example, you will see mostly old people and a few injured athletes. Other places, you may work with children or only athletes. I’ll break down some of the facts now.

1. Nutritionist. The average salary is $50,000 and the education is usually 5 years.
2. Physical Therapist. Average salary is $72,000 and the education is usually 6-7 years.
3. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Average salary is 63,000 and the degree for an RN is 4 years.

These are all careers that are rewarding, and you can work your way up to a better salary.
I also suggest that you shadow people in the field before setting into a new major.
Good luck to you!

Nancy asks…

What can I do with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science.?

What types of jobs would I be able to get? Is there any up and coming jobs that I should look into pursuing? I am really interested in being a personal trainer or a nutritionist. What is the average salary? I’ll need additional training, who do you recommend?
I am an athlete and i play tennis and basketball…do many fitness centers hire tennis/basketball instructors and is the pay that good?
I am an athlete and i play tennis and basketball in college…do many fitness centers hire tennis/basketball instructors and is the pay that good?

admin answers:

Try your best to stand out. Intern with a local prop or college team. Training kids these days could be a great way to build your name in the area where you live. Parents will pay a lot of money to give their kids a competitive advantage

good luck

Ruth asks…

Is anyone on here a nutritionist? Would really like some advice.?

Hello everyone. Was wondering if anyone on here is a nutritionist. Was thinking of a radical career change (I’m currently in the forces) Diet and nutrition is something that I have become interested in after losing nearly 4 stone. I’d really like to know more about what jobs there are available in this field and what qualifications I’d need. What is the salary like also? Thanks in advance for all your answers. Vicki
Can you actually read the question please, I’m not wanting to lose anymore weight, I just want to know information about being a nutritionist. Thanks again

admin answers:

There are several different paths you can go down, depending on your interests.
A Dietitian will often work in Hospitals and health care, ensuring the the patients get a diet which covers all their nutritional needs, whether for an ill person, elderly, children or someone on chemotherapy. Some will be working with the caterers to ensure the food delivered to patients fulfills their requirements. They can also be involved with the feeding requirements of babies/children who are tube fed.They will help the obese as well as those with eating disorders.
Dietitians also work out the ration pack nutrients for troops!
They are more involved in the science of nutrition, rather than the delivery of delicious food! Depending on whether you are working for the NHS or in a private setting, will determine your salary.

You can train as a Home Economist, specializing in nutrition. The work is all sorts of fields, from testing recipes and diets for magazines, producing food for photographic sessions and testing foods for manufacturers. For instance, baking fat manufacturers have Home Economists to cook with fat from different batches to make sure they are consistent plus trying out new ways of using the product. Again, salary range will depend on which company you are working for or whether you are free-lance.

Once you have your degree, you can also, of course, teach. Teachers salary starts at around £28.000.

Queen Elisabeth College, London University is considered one of the best.

George asks…

i love biology & am eager to help people b/me healthy & fit, so would a job as a nutritionist be good for me?

I love love love science (mostly biology and chemistry) and for the past three years I’ve wanted to be an optometrist….but this year i took physics and i don’t like it very much, and it is a big part of optometry….however, i went to a nutritionist today (i am recovering from an eating disorder) and I had an epiphany that maybe helping people become healthy is what i really want to do with my life….i talked to an intern at the nutritionist‘s office, and she said she is LOVING her college experience (she is going to be a nutritionist)….would this be a good field for me? is it okay salary wise? thanks!

admin answers:

You can go as high as a Doctorate in the area of nutrition. You can get as little as a certificate from a community college. You need to at least get a bachelor’s in nutrition in order to get the good paying jobs, though. Appalachian State has a good program.

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