Your Questions About Nutritionist Jobs

Paul asks…

if i want to be a nutritionist?

what should i major in??
and what types of jobs do nutritionists usually end up in??

admin answers:

Major in Nutrition – here is a guide that will tell you what you need to know:

Helen asks…

Would anyone hire a nutritionist/fitness expert?

I’m thinking about majoring in nutrition, diet, and fitness in college. But I don’t know if there will be any jobs out there for me when I graduate. Who do you think would hire me? Do you think anyone would hire me?

admin answers:

In this economy finding a job in the nutritious/fitness field would be very difficult. People are not spending as much money on such things as gym memberships and other non essential things. They are barely making ends meet when it comes to covering the basics i.e; rent/mortgage, groceries, utilities, gas for there car, etc. Therefore, there is not a demand for such professions for now.

If you do major in nutritionist/fitness, by the time you get your degree several years from now, the economy may have recovered and the job demand in such fields may pick up, but who knows.

Maria asks…

What is a nutritionist’s job like?

I’m thinking of becoming one myself, but I’d like to know more about it.

Thanks =]

admin answers:

Well, I’ve been to a nutritionist… This particular woman specialized in cancer nutrition (I went with my mom, who had just beaten cancer at that time). She was in a small medical office building and had a nice little office of her own… She talked with us for a while and told my mom what kinds of things she should eat to fight that particular type of cancer. There were a LOT of books in her office, so I’m guessing being a nutritionist involves a lot of reading — and she must have read a lot, because she was very knowledgeable. She also said she taught cooking classes every couple weeks, teaching people how to make healthier meals. Seemed like a pretty good job to me :)

Sandra asks…

Are there any well-paying jobs for someone majoring in nutrition?

I am very into health and nutrition, and right now as I approach the end of my AS degree in liberal arts i am considering a new major to get my BA. Are there any well-paying careers for a nutition major or just nutritionists? Do they even make decent money? I am also trying to get into personal training as well. Any feedback or experience?

admin answers:

There are positions for dietitians in hospitals, nursing homes, school districts, etc. The pay will vary by the size of the facility. I would think they all make at least decent money, though.

Michael asks…

where could I apply for a Women Infant and Children (WIC) jobs in Chicago, Illinois?

WIC jobs for dietitians, registered dietitians, nutritionist?

admin answers:

Here is their contact information. I’d contact the office and ask about employment:

401 South Clinton Street, 60607
Phone: 1-800-843-6154

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