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Ken asks…

best schools for nursing?

i am currently at a community college and as of last semester i had 23 transferable credits-as of today i am in my last semester of my 2nd year which means it would be my last here at CC. i would like to be a nurse, and have taken general bio, general phsyc, currently am taking principles of inorganic chemistry, and am currently taking nutrition 101. i still have a lot more prerequisite courses to go before i can actually be in the nursing program- of course it is my fault for doing all this research so late but i am still unaware of the whole process as to how to become a registered nurse-i am going to a guidance counselor but not for days-what other prerequisites, besides anatomy and phys. 1 and 2 must i take and what schools would you recommend for my to continue my studies?? i have taken gen. bio do i take bio 2? i live in westchester county ny and am applying to albany, pace?, maybe c.w post…i dont know where else though i need more options-september 2010 is when i want to start at a new school i have no choice, really. thanks any recommendations will do.

admin answers:

Dominican College in Rockland County, NY has an excellent nursing program.

Daniel asks…

What should I major in at the UofA?

My skills: I’m really good at Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Outlook. I like writing (the creative kind, not the technical kind) and I am generally a people person. I have a good memory too, to the extent that I don’t really have to study much for tests to pass them. I suppose gross anatomy comes pretty easily to me, but it is definitely not one of my strong points. I’ve had extensive accounting and marketing training, both of which I can tolerate, but I don’t feel I can spend the rest of my life doing those.

My non-skills: I am not good at math, learning languages, statistics, cellular/chemical sciences, or government/politics.

Majors that I’ve tried so far: Nutrition, Public Management and Policy. Nutrition requires organic chemistry and microbiology, two sciences that I do not understand at all, and PMPC is too heavily based on government for my liking. I also took a nurse training course and I have been scarred for life from it, so my calling isn’t in nursing either.

So my question is, what undergraduate degree programs are there at the UofA that I could utilize my skill sets for?
UofA as in the University of Arizona. Sorry!

admin answers:

While you may think there is one U of A of which we are all aware, this is not the case. The first which comes to my mind is University of Alberta in Edmonton. I have my doubts that is the one. We need some more basic details to your question.

Michael asks…

Classes required for Nursing?

Classes required for Nursing? General Education courses? before actually getting in the program? plz list TY!!

I was wondering what the courses were for the major in Nursing. I currently took psychology, and speech, Two classes that im sure that you need in nursing. what other classes are required or does it depend on what school your going to?

Im planning to take Nutrition and Sociology 300 next semester. Im a Highschool student just taking night classes to get ahead and I need some help so any help would be appreciated =] Thanks.

admin answers:

While you’re in high school, you need to make sure you have Biology (Human Biology & Physiology is preferable), Chemistry, Math, and English completed at the senior level. These classes are usually what is required on a high school transcript to get into a Nursing program, although some nursing schools are picky, so make sure you get online and start looking at the school you wish to attend and you have all the pre-requisites completed. Psychology isn’t a bad idea.

Carol asks…

What courses should i take in high school for medical field?

Please help me!! I don’t know what course would be better for me if I’m planning on being some sort of doctor or at least a career in the medical field.
Right now we have to choose our courses for next year and I can’t decide between Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNA) or Health Science Technology. LNA gives me a license for nurse’s assistant but I don’t know if getting licensed would be any help to me at all. Health Science Technology introduces me to health and disease control, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and diet therapy, ethical and professional aspects of health occupations, first aid and CPR. Please help!
Which one of these course do you think would be best to take? I can’t take both unfortunately….

admin answers:

I would take the LNA class. If you want to be a nurse, many nursing schools now require that you are licensed as a LNA or CNA before they will even take your application. Medical schools and physician assistant schools prefer applicants with some experience in the medical fields. I have heard of Rad-tech schools giving additional admission points to someone who is already employed in a hospital setting as a CNA, etc. Having this certification would allow you to work in a hospital, nursing home, or rehab center during high school and college. You might get exposed to some interesting career options while working as an LNA, and you would develop basic patient care skills and a good bedside manner. If that sounds appealing to you, I would go for the LNA class. This class would cover some of the topics covered in the second class.

The second class might be interesting, though these topics cannot be covered in that much depth if the course description covers all that. In college, you will have a few classes on each of these topics (except CPR.)

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